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Building Campaign

The Mikvah of the Pocono Mountains

Following years of vision, with G-d’s help, the dream will soon become a reality. The Jewish community of Monroe County, in partnership with Mikvah USA, are building a state-of-the-art Mikvah.

The Pocono Mikvah Project is designed to supply the region with a comfortable place where the local community, as well as the many visitors, can experience the incredible Mitzvah of Mikvah in the most beautiful way possible. It is currently being constructed in Cresco, PA.

Construction has begun

Partner with us today to raise $250,000 to complete this state-of-the-art Mikvah in the Pocono Mountains. YOU can make it happen!

What is a Mikvah

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A single act, infinite rewards
Immersion in the mikvah at the appropriate time is a mitzvah that can be performed only by women. For women who have experienced their last menstrual period, a single immersion -performed in accordance with specific guidelines can reap a lifetime of blessings for herself and her family. It can elevate her marriage to new heights of holiness, enabling her to enter the next phase of life with a symbolic rebirth and spiritual renewal.

A personal journey, a private mitzvah
The observance of mikvah is an extremely private one. It is a way for a woman to integrate her spiritual nature with her physical being, to connect with Jewish women throughout the world and across time, and to move closer to G-d. To learn more about mikvah, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Myth vs Reality Myth:
I'm not so religious. It would be hypocritical to go to the mikvah. Reality: Every mitzvah counts! Immersing in the mikvah offers a wonderful sense of renewal and rebirth. It's the perfect mitzvah for a woman who wants to expand her Jewish horizons.

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